Aerospace, Defence and Security


European Prime Contractor:  Strategic bid management support to enter US Navy procurement programme including consortium and partnership analysis and technology applicability assessment.

  • The client is a leading provider of missile warning systems for aircraft and vehicles.  In particular, the company has leading technology that enable the integration of a Hostile Fire Indicator (HFI) into Missile Warning Systems (MWS).
  • We supported our client in relation to their intention to find a partner for the US Navy’s JATAS programme.  The project was designed to give a full analysis of the programme’s funding, scope and timelines, as well as detailing the key bodies and procurement officials, likely Prime Contractors and their partners and suggest the best route to participation on the project.
  • The Client was beginning from a ‘standing start’ in terms of US programmes and JATAS in particular.  As a result, it was important to give a very detailed analysis of the programme’s structure, aims, requirements and intended timelines.  JATAS is intended to provide a full MWS for all US Navy and Marine rotorcraft.  This system is intended to include an HFI to provide warning of incoming small arms.  Our client had recently developed advanced technology to enable HFI.
  • The second phase of the project involved assessing the positions of the potential Prime Contractors and their partners and suggesting the best consortium for our client to join to ensure their participation.

Global Defence Prime Contractor: Analysis of electrical power systems for commercial aircraft market and competitive environment including ‘routes to market’ assessment.

  • Market entry analysis for one of the world’s five largest global defence Prime Contractors
  • The project was designed to give the client a complete ‘outside-in’ analysis of the commercial Aerospace Electrical Systems market
  • Our client had developed expertise in the provision and management of vehicle electrical power systems and was interested in the potential to bring that experience to bear within the commercial aerospace market.  We undertook a complete assessment of the global market including revenue forecasts, the competitive environment and likely technological roadmap.
  • Secondly, we assessed the Top 10 providers of electrical power systems and identified likely targets for potential acquisition to facilitate entry into the market.
  • Finally, detailed recommendations for a market entry strategy were provided .

US-based global Aerospace and Defence Contractor:  Market and Reputational analysis of MoD Support Services and Logistics Market to support improved market positioning.

  • Our client had successfully delivered equipment and systems to the MoD over a long period of time but had in recent years lost a number of contracts to support those systems and failed to win any significant business within that market.
  • We were asked by our client, a global Prime Contractor based in the US, to establish its reputation and position within the MoD’s DE&S, in particular within the support services market.
  • We discussed with all of the Heads of relevant IPTs as well as Commercial Directors the performance and reputation of our client in order to understand whether the company’s approach was hampering it in winning business.
  • Furthermore, with the advent of Through Life Capability Management, we articulated the importance of this concept as well as the perceived weaknesses of the company’s approach to, and reputation with, the MoD as a customer.
  • As a result the company accelerated a change in the company’s marketing and bidding procedures designed to ensure it was seen as a credible and cooperative long term partner to the MoD procurement and contracting community.

Tier 1 Support Services Provider to the Defence industry:  Opportunity assessment and analysis of the prospects for support services within the UK’s Intelligence and Security sector.

  • Our client was a leading provider of complex support services to one of the UK’s intelligence agencies for some time.  The company desired to understand the potential market for the services it has traditionally provided and to identify key opportunities for near-term exploitation.
  • The Intelligence and Security market in the UK is obviously one which involves a large degree of covert and classified activity.  Inside knowledge and experience was therefore vital in delivering a satisfactory outcome.  Furthermore, given the tight fiscal environment, significant changes to the way intelligence and security were to be financed were underway.  Using a variety of contacts and analysis, we were able to come to authoritative and validated conclusions about detailed aspects of the market of direct relevance to our client’s business.

UK-based Global Support Services provider:

Strategic Analysis of UK Intelligence and Security support services market and opportunities.

French provider of aircraft engines and security solutions:  Support to the creation of a Munich-based Joint Venture with a German manufacturer of engines and drive systems focusing on the development of critical software applications and associated hardware systems.

  • Preparation work and project scoping with the CEO and the CTO of the company
  • Organisation and moderation of a series of strategic workshops with the executive committee of the JV & key senior managers to refine the JVs’ value proposition and agree on best routes to market
  • Support to the development of the JVs business plan, governance, sales and operational organisations

French supplier of monitoring and control centres (telecom service provider, military, railway, …):

  • audit to optimize domestic and international marketing activities,
  • moderating series of workshops for improving with teams the sales channels
  •  recruiting the commercial director
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