info_3erNEW»We believe sound strategy is essential for both the execution and sustainability of growth.«

seitenbild3_RZAs we know, growth doesn’t just happen.  It comes from allocating the right level of resources and time to specific and defined areas for reasons that can be demonstrated and quantified.  Strategy is the first step and defines all the subsequent allocation of resources and activity.
We believe strategy formulation requires a certain approach that sometimes is hard to adequately perform given the other requirements demanded for running a business.
It takes an ability to ‘step out’ of the normal rhythms of executing everyday business.  It requires an awareness and appreciation of the opportunity landscape that demands detailed analysis and expert opinion, not just a ‘hunch’.  It requires an honest assessment of a company’s core strengths, weaknesses and capacity for change.  It requires a knowledge of the whole market, not just the company’s current clients or known competitors.
As experienced sector specialists, Victanis brings a ‘full spectrum’ understanding to the requirements of all modes of strategy formulation, helping to plot a course for the rest of the organisation, and especially senior management, to follow.

  • Business Strategy
  • New Market Entry
  • M&A Strategy
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Strategy Review
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